Rope-roller is a continuous belay system for adventure parks, high ropes courses, canopy-tours and installations on buildings. The system meets standards of EN 15567-1 (Sports and recreational facilities - Ropes courses) and EN 795 class C (Protection against falls from a height - Anchor devices.) DEKRA certified the RopeRollersystem including bolt attachments, tension belts and clamp-connections. It passed all EN 795 tests without any consistant deformation. The DEKRA is a German inspection institute (CE 0158) which tests and certifies the safety and quality of manufactured goods. The Rope-Roller mounting parts allow the cable to move up and down freely to avoid wire breakage caused by material fatigue. The profiles attach to different structures: bolts for poles and concrete structures, clamp-connections for steel beams, steel or synthetic tension belts for attaching to trees. Rope Rollers are manufactured in Germany; their many UK suppler is JM Adventure, which is based in Dorset. When we started the planning stage of the build one of the things we needed to look at was safety equipment. We looked at a whole range of clip-off clip-on systems as well as trolley systems; in the end we had a choice between two types, a Safe-Roller or a Rope-Roller. The Safe-Roller was a lot lighter in weight, less expensive but had plastic components. Where the Rope-Roller was one solid lump of metal cast, with on plastic parts. The Rope-Roller is more expensive but is far more robust and heavy duty. In the end we went for the Rope-Roller for a number of reasons. 1. It was all made of metal with no plastic parts. 2. Its ideal for a Junior High-ropes course. 3. Its more robust and can stand a lot more punishment. 4. Its much more safer than clipping off and on for children. 5. Its easy to test and maintain, as equipment comes with the Ropller to test gaps on the trolley. We have a friend who has a rope course and they use the Safe Roller, unfortunately they have found the trollies needed replacing after a short period of time. The Rope-Roller has turned out to be perfect for us, we have been trading now for four years and they’re still going strong. The Rope-Rollers are more expensive but they are worth it. When you purchase a Rope-Roller it comes with a small piece of metal that you slide into a groove at the bottom of the Roller to form the loop for a Karabiner, the two wheels are for 10-12mm cable and the slide around the course very easily. Overall if you are looking at building a Junior rope course I would recommend this safety system.
Behind the Scenes At Arialtrail


Easy-to-don fall arrest harness The NEWTON EASYFIT fall arrest harness is easily donned thanks to its EASYFIT design: a vest ensures the harness keeps its shape and the FAST automatic buckles (sternal and leg loop) allow the harness to be donned with both feet on the ground. It is certified to European and Russian standards. At Arialtrail we use four different types of harness, we use: 1. Petzl Newton Easyfit 2. Petzl Newton 1 3. Petzl Newton 2 4. Petzl Simba Your Ropes Course Builder will recommend all these harnesses when you’re at the planning stage of your build. All these harnesses are fantastic Petzl harnesses, which work well for us. If I can offer any advice, I would shop around to see what else is on the market in replacement for the Newton Easyfit. (If it’s for a high-ropes course with Zip-wires). All the harnesses listed above are fantastic robust harnesses, but what we are talking about here is practicality for use. The problem with the Easyfit harness is the Mesh lining, the harness is very comfortable to wear but when you have thousands of people leaping off a Zip-wire platform the harness mesh starts to tear at the back of the Sternum attachment. We have 25 Petzl Easyfit harnesses and we use them on teenagers to small adults. We investigated this issue with our Course provider, PPE provider as well as Petzl themselves. The conclusion was as Adventures jumped off the zip-wire platform their bodyweight naturally went downwards, and as the lanyard attached to the safety cable and the sternum attachment stayed where it was, it was puling the harness in two separate directions causing the damage. The only problem is, in the Ropes industry you never get a direct answer so when it comes to your PPE getting inspected some people will say the harness is not fit for purpose and others will say it is. This is the problem, it’s all based on that inspector’s opinion, and thankfully we have a very good experienced PPE Inspector. So to summarise if you are looking at harnesses for your course think of all technicalities, especially this issue with the Easyfit Harness if it’s for a Ropes Course with Zip-wires.

Who is JM Adventure?

With more experience than any competitor, JM Adventures are the UK leaders in design and construction of ropes courses and climbing walls. An international reputation for excellence and our bespoke consultancy offer mean you can be confident that quality is at the heart of everything we do. From concept to construction, creative thinking is at the heart of what we do. Our innovative approach ensures the full potential of your space and budget is realised. Our bespoke designs allow for phasing and expansion to enable your business to grow, and by combining developmental and recreational elements your offer can be diversified. As suppliers to the UK’s leading outdoor adventure providers and local authorities, we understand the importance of a flexible approach. Big ideas don’t always mean big budgets or grand spaces. At JM we use our imagination and experience to make the most of what’s available. From compact urban spaces to sweeping woodland settings we use good design to maximise potential. At home and abroad JM have delivered an unrivalled variety of successful projects. Whatever your ambition, you can be confident of your partnership with JM Adventure. JM know how important it is to find the right fit for your space, budget and ambition. We employ site-specific research to produce method and risk-assessments and independent engineers to ensure a robust design. We are always happy to provide advice on planning, phasing and expansion. With decades of experience and expertise in ropes course and climbing wall construction, JM know that quality always pays. From concept to commissioning, a project manager oversees every step of the process, so that you can be confident of quality from start to finish. At JM our training offer is bespoke too. Always site-specific, we can facilitate training on everything from operational procedures through to correct use of PPE, inspections and rescues. With quality and safety at the heart of what we do, JM’s workmanship and materials are guaranteed for five years. Our courses are designed with ease of maintenance in mind and as part of our comprehensive offer we also offer servicing, repairs and inspections. This was a statement from JM Adventure, and I have to say it is quite true. Back in 2015 when we where looking for a Course builder we came across JM by accident, we made contact with them and a week later they came to the location where the course was going to be built. We had a meeting with James and Adam who gave us so much information on course building and what products to use, after an hour of thrashing things around and a few coffees, we went and had a look at the site. Straight away you can see James was in his element in the woodland working on ideas and what trees to use. A few weeks after the meeting JM sent us a 3D drawing of our course which looked great. From start to finish JM are very good at communicating with you, we contacted them numerous times at the developing stage, which was never a problem with them. When the build started JM Adventure arrived on mass and straight away they started work, I have to say they do work vey hard and do a great job. They are very professional, the building team start early in the morning and finish late at night. Each day we arrived at the site an watched the course develop, it was fantastic to seem the team working. Because our woodland had a TPO and machinery was not aloud to be used in the woodland, all platforms had to be built from the Guys suspending themselves from ropes. Once the course had been completed, it was signed over to us, we was so please with the end product, JM had done a fantastic job, we had a small snag list but this was sorted straight away. Conclusion If you are looking at having a course built, I would definitely recommend JM Adventure they are a great professional hardworking company that provides a great product at an affordable price.

Behind the Scenes At Arialtrail



Arial Trail is an adventure high ropes course located in woodland in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire.

The course is the Brainchild of owners Andy and Denise fowler,  both have many years of experience working at height in the fire service.
Andy and Denise approached Andrew Jackson a local landowner back in 2015, with the idea.

And after months of research and planning at the begining of 2016 the three joined forces and invested in the creation of Arial Trail.
They chose JM Adventures who specialise in adventure construction to design and build the course.
Arial Trail comprises of two courses, the short course comprising of 5 elements and 2 zip wires and a longer course comprising of 8 elements and 3 zip wires.
A few years after opening the team have welcomed a variety of ages and ability to the course every weekend and during the school holidays.

About Arialtrail

Arialtrail is about getting people outdoors and enjoying climbing in the trees. We like nothing more than helping you build your confidence on our course.
We certainly encourage meeting new people.
Every now and then the odd Celebrity pops in to say Hello.
The course Owners Andy And Denise manages the Arialtrail along with a fantastic team of instructors hence our fantastic reviews.
Arialtrail’s Instructors will make you feel really welcome and will mix with you as you’re on the course.
Arialtrail is an outdoors climbing high rope course located in the woodland area of North Lincolnshire near to The Pink Pig Farm.
Arialtrails course consists of 18 elements with five zip wires linking the course together.
As the course is approximately 5m from the ground ending with two 100m-zip lines.
The course location is within a woodland area of 6000sqr meters.
The course has a safety system called a rope roller, (see review).
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