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Arialtrail is a 18-element course split into two parts; the first section consists of 6 elements ranging from different variations of difficulty ending in a 100m-zip line. Section two consists of 10 elements with more challenging elements for the advanced visitor also ending in a 100m-zip line. For safety whilst on the course visitors will be attached to a safety system called a rope roller continuous bely system, once the visitor is attached through the roller via a cable, they will not be able to be removed until the end of the course.


- Burma bridge
- Floating logs
- Spiders web
- Wind Chimes
- X Factor
- Zip to net
These are just a few of what elements are available when you visit Arialtrail.


At Arialtrail will focus on providing a fun, safe environment for families and individuals. Visitors of all ages will be welcome to climb however the course is built with children in mind. Arialtrail will give an experience of adventure to all the visitors taking part, this will be achieved by providing a 18- element course ranging in mixed difficulties then ending with two 100m-zip lines. The day will consist of arriving 10 minutes before your allotted time to fill out your disclaimers and to read through a safety brief. You will be then directed to the harness area where Arialtrail’s Instructors will fit you with your safety equipment. You will be escorted from the harness area to a practice area, where you will traverse across a low level element so the instructors can assess your understanding of how to use your safety system. Once your instructors are happy with the procedure of traversing across an element, you will be directed to the start of the course where your adventure begins. Arialtrail is unique in the way it has two separate courses rolled into one. Here at Arialtrail we have a six-element course, which is less challenging, and a 10-element course, which is more difficult. When you finish your safety training delivered by the Instructor you will be initially attached to the 6 element section (small course) to ensure you are comfortable at height, once you have completed the small course and are confident to advance, you can be connected onto the large course and enjoy the full Arialtrail experience for an hour.


A responsible person must accompany children under 17yrs. All children attempting to go on the course must be over 1m in height A responsible person over the age of 18 must participate on the course with children who are under 6yrs but over 1m. We require at Arialtrail one adult over the age of 18 to supervise one child under the age of 6yrs. We want nothing more but to encourage everyone to be part of Arialtrail’s experience as an adventurer. If your child is at least 1m tall, and loves to take part in high rope activities, and you as a parent or guardian think they would love to go on the course, then your welcome to join us. At Arialtrail we believe you know your child better than anyone, and we want to be encouraging but the course won’t be for everyone. Please use your judgment or if you’re unsure feel free to talk to one of our instructors. All visitors on the course can be watched by families and friends from designated viewing areas.

Foot Wear:

Make sure when you turn up at Arialtrail to take part in our fantastic adventure you use appropriate footwear, We recommend you use strong flat soled boots or trainers, as there are difficult obstacles underfoot on the course you will need to negotiate, for safety reasons we recommend you do not wear flip-flops or high heel shoes whilst taking part in high rope activates on the course.


Whilst taking part in the high rope adventure at Arialtrail we recommend you wear appropriate clothing, for dignity reasons we recommend you do not wear a short dress or skirt as people will be watching from ground level of the course, shorts, trousers or leggings would be advisable. Loose clothing may also need to be secured, as there are moving parts on the course that may cause a snag.

Loose Items:

Please remove or secure away all loose items from your person before taking part on the high rope course, these items may include jewellery, wallets, cameras or mobile phones these items may fall from your pocket or person and injury a viewing member of public below you.


Please make sure if you are taking part in the high rope course that you have visited the toilet (if needed), as it will take up valuable time to remove your harness for both you, and us, (this will reduce your time on our high rope experience). No participant will be aloud food whilst taking part in the high rope experience, but liquid refreshments will be available.

We accept the following payment types:
1. Debit or credit card online only.
2. We accept all Visa debit and credit cards, Master and Maestro cards as well as JCB cards. online only.
3. We also accept British currency (restrictions may apply)
Merchant Equipment

Store Credit Card Logos

Cancellations and Refunds

Once you have confirmed your booking date with Arialtrail you are bound by their terms and conditions regarding Cancellations or changes. It is not possible to change the booking unless Arialtrail agrees to the change. Under this clause you shall be offered vouchers or a different date and time. A refund of vouchers/change of date will be offered subject to 48 hours notice given prior to the event. No refund/ change will be given for any changes/cancellations within 48 hours prior to the event.  Sometimes Arialtrail may need to cancel the experience at short notice for reasons beyond their control, such as adverse weather conditions, illness or mechanical breakdowns. We regret that in the event of cancellation, Arialtrail is unable to reimburse travel, accommodation or any other expenses you may incur in relation to the cancelled experience. Once a participant is on the course or has booked in at the course no refunds will be allocated. Arilatrail Ltd
Holme Lane
DN16 3RE

Company details

Company’s registration name - Arialtrail Ltd
Company’s place of registration - UK
Company’s registration office address – Arialtrail, Holme Lane, Scunthorpe, DN163RE
Company’s registration number 09801200
Company’s office number - 07399452857
Company, s email address –

Blindfold Risk assessment
course design
Risk assessments Trees
Risk assessments Covid-19.

Arialtrail’s| Scunthorpe Booking Terms & Conditions

Arialtrail’s| Scunthorpe Booking Terms & Conditions focus on providing a fun, safe environment for families and individuals.

1. General Issues
These Booking Terms and Conditions apply to the booking of the Arialtrail  high ropes
course (the ‘Activity) and any ancillary products at the location set out in Arialtrails booking confirmation.
These Booking Terms and Conditions contain important information concerning participation by you and members of your party.

Accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that you shall ensure that all members of your party are aware of and accept the policy.
No variation to these Booking Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing by Arialtrail.
Booking Confirmation

No booking shall be deemed to have been accepted, unless accepted in writing by Arialtrail (which shall include Arialtrails email confirmation of booking).
These Booking Terms and Conditions incorporate Arialtrail Privacy Policy, and Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer.

You must advise Arialtrail as soon as possible of any mistake in Arialtrail’s booking confirmation.

Arialtrail shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that you and yourparty’s participation commences at the time booked and it shall be the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they arrive in sufficient time.

Late arrivals may not be permitted to undertake the Activities and no refunds or compensation will be payable in such circumstances.

Arriving at Arialtrail

The course is available to all age groups and will provide an experience of adventure to all visitors taking part.

The site offers two courses which range in difficulties and end in zips wires.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your allocated slot therefore allowing time to read and sign a disclaimers form.

All participants must acknowledge the terms and conditions through the completion of a disclaimers form.

For us here at Arialtrail your safety is key.

An Arialtrail instructor will fit and adjust your harness prior to your experience.

Before practice the traversing techniques, you will take part in a safety brief with your group .

Our instructors will assess your understanding of the brief and once happy they will escort you to the start of the course.

Let the adventure begin.


Terms & Conditions






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