• An instructor will put you on the course, please do not put yourself on
• Avoid touching the silver while attached to the course
• If your harness is too tight or too loose please let an instructor know
• We ask for one person on an element, we have 18 elements
• And two on a platform only if in your family, if not please leave 2m
• If you slip off don’t worry you are attached so just get yourself back up and carry on
• If you need help shout an instructor, Denise, Andy, Jess, and Ellie
• You need to get the roller over the bracket and the best way to do this is to stand close to the tree and under the bracket with the black rope straight down, at the first tree you will see a sign letting you know where to stand
• Give the rope a swing leaving the black rope loose
• Avoid putting your hand through the black rope
• At your zip wires, stand or sit and tuck your knees up aim for the middle of the net stand up and reach out for the net
• You do not need to hold the black rope but if you want to, hold the bottom bit when setting off, then let go and dab, superman or floss
• At the side of each zip is a rescue rope, please do not try to slow yourself with it as you will get rope burn
• Knock the rope out your way with the back of your hand if the wind is blowing it at you
• It is there for if you are stopped just pull yourself along to reach the net
• Only one on a zip at a time and make sure out of the net before going

Consent Form

Read here



Covid-19 Re-opening!

We are re-opening in July 2020 COVID-19
Our high ropes course will reopen with new operational and social distancing safety measures implemented to ensure the continued protection of adventurers, our small team, and the wider communities in which we all live. Subject to poilcies and procedures changing from governing bodies, Arialtrail’s procedure is ONLY NON FABRIC GLOVES can be worn as these can be sanitised,

Please Watch Our New Operational Measures Before You Arrive.

The measures include new signage to support social distancing, enhanced hygiene practices and the supply of PPE to our team for protection of our adventurers.
Arialtrail will also open with a reduced number of adventurers participating, operating with a new extended time of one and half hour experience, with this new extended time available ONLY for online bookings.

Please read our detailed full two-page operating procedures on our website.We would love to hear your constructive feedback and positive strokes (A Transactional Analysis term, meaning a unit of transaction, given freely, without wanting anything in return, similar to a random act of kindness).

So please ring us with any concerns you may have and hopefully we will see you in the summer.

Prior to arrival

You MUST book online to secure your booking, you MUST get everyone who is going on the course to watch the 2.5 minute safety talk just prior to arrival. Please read the consent form and you will sign on arrival.

On arrival at Arialtrail

Everyone in your group to go directly to reception where they will be given hand sanitizer and booked in.

Harnessing up

You will be called over family by family and social distancing will be in place from other families.  Our team will be wearing PPE a facemask, glasses, gloves (only because of the amount of hand sanitizer we will be using in the day).

Our team will be hand sanitizing after contact between families and all cross checks.

We all have our own personal PPE and individual hand sanitizers.

If you would like to wear your own mask/face covering, we would encourage you to do so, for our safety as well as your own.  Although we are outdoors and this is reducing the risk.

Safety Talk

Social distancing into the safety talk area and out again.  We will also be adding a couple of extra safety messages to reduce the spread of the virus at Arialtrail.  If our team believe it is safe for you to go straight onto the course, they will carry out a dynamic risk assessment and take you straight to the course.  This will reduce numbers going for the safety talk. The only way this will happen if all members of the party/family have read the safety talk that you will have been sent. We have given you a little quiz, or you are a returning adventurer.

On the course

You will take hand sanitizer every time you go back on the course from an automatic dispenser, our team will be wearing their personal PPE and sanitize their own hands before checking your harness and attaching you to the course.


We have moved our unharnessing area, as we will be cleaning the harnesses and rope rollers after each single use.  This will allow them to dry in the open air/sunshine.

Cleaning procedures for preventing the spread of COVID-19

It is possible for someone to contract COVID-19 by touching a contaminated surface.

The virus may live on some surfaces for several hours or even days.

We are reducing this risk by ensuring everyone who visits Arialtrail will have clean hands, we rely on you, our lovely adventures, to wash your hands immediately or sanitize them if you cough/sneeze/wipe your nose/eyes/ or have contact with your mouth, this will mean we have a clean site.

If you sneeze/cough please do it into your elbow/disposable tissue and immediately wash your hands or sanitize.  Either keep your tissue in your zipped pocket to dispose of at home or wash your hands/sanitize before and after removing our dustbin lid.  If you are wearing a mask/face covering this will help reduce the spread of the virus.

Opening Checks

Our opening checks will now include cleaning the touch points on the course and the ground. Our team will have cleaned first and then disinfected, to lower the risk of infection as per the guidelines.

Arialtrail are following only government recommendation, Airbnb, and specific to our industry recommendations by manufactures of our equipment, Vertex and ERCA.

Why have chosen to go above and beyond is to help reduce the spread of the virus.  We value our health, your health, and the health of our communities.

Cleaning Arialtrail

We are choosing to leave half an hour between time slots. This allows adventures to leave and arrive at different times. We will use this time to clean all touch points on the course and on the ground.

  • Our cabin and lockup are cleaned daily and between sessions.
  • Our team washes hands before and after cleaning, and use disposable gloves.
  • We use a diluted solution of bleach, anti-bac, and also antibacterial wipes.
  • We also machine wash cleaning cloths, gloves, blindfolds, hi-viz jackets, drying cloths.
  • Our uniform, including coats, and personal masks are washed between days.
  • We have a change of clothing and personal masks on site should we need to change.

Covid-19 symptoms of COVID-19 on site

No one should attend if they or anyone in their household have covid symptoms. If symptoms arise when you are already at Arialtrail you must inform a member of our team immediately.

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